Photography: by Martin Almqvist
Images, inner and outer such, are the beginning of most thoughts and the foundation of every memory. It might well be
that of all the things that defines us humans, our visuality ranks the highest. There in lays the power of

Photography Gallery

As a photographer I am constantly exploring, and happily struggles, to evolve my visual voice. Living near Gothenburg in Sweden
I have since 1996 worked mainly with marine themes and under water life, but also done many other sorts of photography
related to nature and human culture. I have produced four books, numerous magazine articles, and exhibitions. I always appreciate feedback and new ides!

Microscopic Images

Lately I have been working with panoramas, above and under water. Some of them can bee seen here.

In the gallery in Kungsbacka we sell two types of images:
1: Unique examples made with top of the line paper and ink. These photos are sold in frames, signed and with an accompanying certificate.
2: Photo canvases that at a lower cost may be ordered in different sizes up to 1X3 meter.